Tokyo Office

Our Tokyo office opened officially in July 2014, to meet the increasing demand for our corporate advisory service. Rapidly expanding our partner network in the field of web and smartphone application services,  o2o marketing , e-commerce, and robotics business and applications, we will make sure that we can constantly provide the fascinating opportunities for our partner network world wide. Additionally, we started to form a study group among academic Ph.Ds from Kyoto University and other faculties in western Japan, and practitioners at engineering divisions of Japan’s traditional century long manufacturers, and off course new internet enterprise.
Regardless of the outcome of Softbank’s earliest attempt to commercialize consumer robot,  we believe robotics industries will expand automatically once the robots were set to reproduce and upgrade themselves. We think human interventions are necessarily for the time being for the sustainable growth of the intelligent machines,  and in that intervening entities and in their insights, we see the sweetest opportunities in the field of technology. Please contact our local partner for the opportunities we have in Japan.

Name of the new entity registered in Tokyo:

Japanese:  株式会社グッドヒルズ
English    :  Good Hills Corporation
                      same as original Good Hills Corporation in Delaware



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